A Few Brief Hours

Cain is back in Georgia with his pal Darren to celebrate Darren’s birthday. Darren and his family live over near Ellijay, which isn’t too far a drive from us, so they came and visited us for a few hours this evening. Of course, we barely were aware of Cain’s visit because he had company even before he got to the house. He’s also very sick so he really shouldn’t have came home this weekend. Obviously we were thrilled to see him but I don’t want him to be sick.

I hate sounding like a broken record, but today was another bad day with this stupid flu. I’m TIRED of being sick! Ugh.

I was walking Lucy today when two city police officers drove by VERY slowly. One had his window down and told me that I should probably go in because there was a large dog roaming the neighborhood and that it might attack me or Lucy. We went inside and Marshall put Hopper in her kennel so it couldn’t get her. They weren’t sure what kind of dog it was, only that it was large, & black & brown. We don’t know if they ever found it, but it must’ve done something horrible because we saw them searching for it in our neighbor’s field WITH their rifles. I wondered what it could’ve done to make them want to shoot it on the spot. Poor dog.

Have a good night. :)

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One thought on “A Few Brief Hours

  1. You have been sick forever! Get well. We should be at your house right now in front of that monster of a TV, eating food, drinking beer, ahhing over children and pretending we give a rat’s butt about football.

    OK, so it would only be me pretending but still… it is an excuse to gather with friends.

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