Same Ol’ Same Ol’


This is the Mentone Wedding Chapel. I’ve always wondered where it is up there, and we accidentally ran across it when we went to see the snow at Cloudmont. :)

We’re both still sick. Fun, huh?  I’m SO tired of being in this house, which is strange because I LOVE being here. We haven’t seen any of our friends or gone out to eat or anything fun. Poor, poor, pitiful us, huh?

Lucy and I had a great day. We were ALONE because Marshall worked even though I BEGGED him not to, and Brooke left for Atlanta yesterday. Anyway, Lucy kept me entertained by barking at me constantly, biting my fingers, and grabbing things she knew she shouldn’t have and taking off with them so I’d have to chase her.  She’s a funny little dog and I honest to gosh would not take a million dollars for her. BUT today I was ready to lock her out of my room. She was ROTTEN.

I’m ready to strap on my backpack and head out in the woods with my cameras.  I NEED to go shooting. I really want to improve my photography and I’m rather excited about learning as much as I can about the subject. Maybe sometime next week I can get out there.

My daffodils are coming up. Isn’t it too early for that?!

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One thought on “Same Ol’ Same Ol’

  1. As soon as it is a tad warmer Rowan and I will go shoot with you. She can help you practice.

    Yes I got your pics. Thank you. I shouldn’t have looked at the Tybee ones but I did. Sigh.

    Feel better! Miss you!

    And we need to get cracking on planning your bday party miss….

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