Wondering If We Should Get A Will..


This is a trout lily. I took this photo last spring and I’m so anxious for spring to get here this year. I miss all the flowers.

I’m feeling better this evening. Strange, but I feel better during the afternoon hours but in the mornings and late at night I feel worse. Did I say this already? I think I did.

Honey has been in bed since he got home from work. I told him that I was hiding his truck keys tomorrow so he won’t go to work. I told my aunt today that it wouldn’t matter if I had a job that paid $100,000 a year, he’d still work. He has always been this way and it frustrates me to no end. Of course, now that he owns his own business he feels even more responsibility to the job, but sheesh, people have to understand that a person is going to get sick, you know?

He is running a slight fever (100.1) and he’s asleep. Sort of. He just said, “Hey?!” and I said, “Yes?” and he said, “Why are you being grouchy to me?” and I said, “Baby, I haven’t been grouchy to you. Why do you think I’m being grouchy?” He said, “You wouldn’t let me use the water hose.”

Ummm…he didn’t ask to use the water hose but I’d have happily let him use the water hose if it made him feel better. :D

Poor fella. What a horrible week he has had. :( I REALLY hope we feel better by Sunday because the Penningtons are having a big family dinner and I want to go. :(

Have a good night. :)

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