A Void

I may have shared a photo like this (or maybe even this same one) a few months ago. This is my honey and how he looks any given night here at the house. :) Lucy, our Shih Tzu, was so jealous of Neak Neak that she promptly put herself right in the middle of Marshall and Neak Neak.I laughed when I saw how they refused to look at one another.

I absolutely hate the void that is left when someone/something that you love dies. I keep expecting to see Neak Neak sleeping on Brooke’s bed, or lying on her back on her favorite spot on the front porch with her paws together as if she was praying; so cute… I looked out under the azalea bush where she sleeps in the sunshine, and just seeing those leaves pushed down, in the shape of her little body, had me sobbing. The void that she leaves is enormous. We’re going to miss her so much. I wish I were better with words so I could convey to you how much we loved her. I’ll even miss how she drove me ABSOLUTELY BANANAS when she’d beg to be let in the front door, only to haul butt STRAIGHT to the back door to be let out again.  Heaven forbid she (Her Royal Highness) have to just walk around the house to get to the back porch.

Marshall had a really rough day yesterday. He was so tore up and …. well, it’s just awful.  There’s no need in beating himself up over it. It was an accident. Why she didn’t jump out when he first started his truck–his big, diesel work truck–we don’t know. I’ll be glad when the heartbreak has eased up a little bit–for myself, but especially for Marshall.

I’m horribly sick, but feeling better right now. I’m taking Tylenol Severe Cold and Flu and it makes me feel ok for a good two hours or so. Marshall and I both were running fevers this morning and we’ve just felt absolutely horribly.  Brooke really isn’t feeling better either.  Whatever this is that we have, leaves you feeling ok for a little bit and then absolutely horrible for the most part. It’s stinky. :(

Hopefully we’ll all be better soon.

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