RIP Neak Neak

Marshall called me just a couple of minutes after he left the house today. He was on his way to deliver parts. He was crying so hard that I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell me. He was finally able to say that our oldest cat, Neak Neak, who we’ve had for almost 12 years, apparently was up in his truck engine. She fell out and he ran over her, and of course it killed her. He was just right up the road so he came home and he and Brooke buried her down near the bamboo in the back yard.

He is absolutely devastated, as we all are. He blaming himself. It was an accident, obviously. He has been crying on and off for most of the afternoon. And please don’t ask him about it right now because he doesn’t want to talk about it. And I DARE anyone to say anything to him about crying over it. It has really broken his heart. She was his cat I suppose. He didn’t choose for that to be so, but she loved him more than any of us.

Neak Neak had a great life with us. She was loved very much and we’ll miss her.

I’m sick as a dog with I imagine what Marshall and Brooke had. Brooke is still sick, and it’s just been a horrible day. Marshall is also coughing his lungs out. I hope we all get better soon.

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4 thoughts on “RIP Neak Neak

  1. Oh no… bless his heart… Give him a big hug for me…

    I know how upsetting something like that can be and it does not matter if your male or female when you love something you will CRY! As you should…
    I sure hate that for ya’ll!

    Hope you guys all get better soon!!


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