One year ago today Heath Ledger died. WAaah! He was my favorite actor (besides Edward Norton, of course), for more reasons than just that cocky-“I know something you don’t know” smile. He was amazing. ANYWAY, EW talked with some of his friends, co-workers and did a 28-page spread. You can read it by clicking here:


He was nominated for an Oscar. :) I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t win. Can you? Even though he probably couldn’t have given a rat’s butt about even being nominated, I sure hope he wins. :)

Brooke is sick and has been in the bed all day. Well, she went to her 8:30 class and was back in bed by 10. She looks and sounds horrible. Marshall is feeling better but he’s not 100% just yet.

I forgot to call a friend back today. ANYONE who calls me can tell you how horrible I am about a) answering, or b) calling back. Dear friends, if you call and I don’t answer, PLEASE email me. I’m much better about answering emails than I am phone calls. I don’t know why. Two reasons are that I’m very forgetful, and I also hate talking on the phone. Please don’t take it personally. I can’t help it.

Love, peace, and chicken grease.

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2 thoughts on “Heath

  1. Hah Hah!
    I hate talking on the phone too ~ most of the time. I usually run out of things to say very quickly.
    I like typing much better, does that make me bad?

  2. I called a friend today that let his friend go and said “Gotta go! THIS won’t happen again! She is actually calling!”

    Hate talking on the phone. HATE it.

    So I don’t get annoyed when you don’t call back but don’t kid yourself sunshine… you are not that much better at returning emails either. Ha!

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