This is my sugar dumplin’ and Goose on a recent hike we went on. We’re trying to lose weight and we’ve really enjoyed tromping around in the woods. :)

It is SO cold outside. So cold, in fact, that I can hardly stand to be out there. Lucy, however, seems to want to sniff everything out there, which is something she doesn’t seem to do when it’s NOT cold (or raining). Lucky for me, Brooke is taking her out a lot. :D

Today I signed up with Backblaze. Backblaze is online storage for anything you want to save from your computer. I’m saving all of my photos and music files. It’s VERY inexpensive and now I don’t have to worry about my external hard drives crashing. :)

My poor hubby has been in bed since a little after 8. He has quite a cold. Of course, I’d literally have to handcuff him to something else in the house to get him to stay home. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Have a good night.

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One thought on “Sheesh!

  1. Ohhhh looks like you have some cold weather!
    I’ve been on a 3 day ~~trapped at work thing!
    Thank goodness tomorrow is an off day!
    The colds are flying around here too. Seems everyone is getting ‘it’.

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