This is Miss Piggy.  I don’t know what Brooke really named her but she has a  lot of attitude and she eats like a pig. :) I’m quite attached to her. I hope she lives a really long time (they only live about three years).

I’m fighting to stay awake right now. I know that I should go to bed but if I go to sleep right now I’ll be awake at 3 or so and then won’t be able to go to back to sleep.

We went to see Marshall’s grandmother at the hospital. She was asleep when we got there and looked so beautiful. Wouldn’t you know, though, that a nurse came in to bathe her and woke her up. We got to visit with her a bit. She is doing better than before and may even get to come home on Monday.

While we were there a Code Blue was called, and the person didn’t make it. We heard the family members sobbing and yelling in the hallway. It was SO sad. :( I couldn’t be a nurse, I just don’t think I could handle that side of it. You have to be so emotionally strong and I cry if I hit a butterfly driving down the road….

We’re going to Mentone in the morning to see if there is any snow (man-made snow) at the Cloudmont Ski area. I’ll take what I can get as far as snow goes, you know?

Oh boy! Brooke just called and told me Mars Attacks! is coming on! I seriously, no lie, love this movie. :D

G’night. :)

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