Bye, Grissom :(


Grissom is all gone. :( We’re all quite bummed about his departure from CBS’ CSI.

Marshall’s grandmother has been in the hospital for a while. Things aren’t looking good for her. She truly, truly is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Pray for her.

It’s very, very, very cold outside. So cold that I took Hopper over to the kennel like I mentioned the other day. I couldn’t stand to think of her out there freezing. I’m all for the cold but I don’t appreciate the fact that there’s no snow with it. :(

G’night. I have to go…*sniffle*…console my hubby…who..*sniffle*…seems to be very sad about Grissom.


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5 thoughts on “Bye, Grissom :(

  1. Okay…give me some MORE coffee…since I don’t have TV I didn’t put it all together…sigh.
    I need to go back to bed before I do anything more that is foolish.

  2. Don’t feel bad Val, I didn’t know who she was talking about either.

    Let it snow!

    I love having an old house but I hate the cold months. My house is freezing. So much in fact that the windows in Travis’s room had ice on the inside this morning. No joke. Entire frame was ice.

    You should have seen the layers of PJ’s I put on Miss I flat refuse to have a blanket over me and Miss you can swaddle me but if I want out I will get out and there isn’t much you can do about it last night. She looked like that kid from the Christmas Story that fell down in the snow and couldn’t get back up. One thing is fo sho…she was warm.

  3. GRISSOM!!!!!! OH NO!!!
    I used to watch that show faithfully, now that we don’t have tele anymore I have missed it… he was ALWAYS my favorite! Tell me what happened!

  4. Hey… just have to ask. Will you watch now that Grissom is gone? He was the reason I loved the show so much…. without him I’m not sure I will watch…just wondered if ya’ll will?

    Saw where you visited mamaw… she is one strong lady! I guess if I had 12 kids I’d either be very strong or in a looney bin!

    Love ya!

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