I took this when Marshall and I were in South Carolina last July. That’s a wild alligator and I wish that blade of grass wouldn’t have been in the way, but I fo’ sho’ wasn’t gonna move it!

On my computer–just on my computer, not on my external hard drives–I have over 28,000 photos. 28,000 photos that I have not printed or done much else with. In total I have over 60,000 since 2004. I want to start going through them and printing the ones that are worthy of printing. My idea was to go through shots of family and friends first, because I would absolutely be devastated if something ever happened and I lost any of these photos. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I would feel.

One thing that I think happens to photographers who use digital cameras is that they just load their photos on the computer and for whatever reason just stop printing their photos. It may be, “Oh, I’ll get to that later,” or they aren’t sure where to have the photos printed, or may be out of ink for their own printers…or any other numerous reasons, and the photos just end up stuck on your hard drive or–*gasp* still on the memory card in your camera. I’m one of those photographers who has just put off printing the photos thinking I’d get to it later, and later never comes. Now I’m so far behind that I don’t know how I’ll afford to get them all printed.

I have so much to say on the subject of digital photography, it’s a shame I’m not good with words. :) I’ll try to explain though:

I LOVE digital photography for several reasons. The first is the instant gratification you get by immediately getting to see the photo you’ve just taken. If it’s bad, take another one. :) Another reason? I was always the type of person who used 3 or 4 rolls of film (or more) in ONE day. Digital photography allows me to take over 1,000+ photos at a time without ever having to load my camera, OR having to buy a gazillion rolls of film. That part of it is really nice for a trigger-happy gal like myself.

The thing I don’t like so much:

The editing. Ugh. I’m not one of those folks that likes to edit ONE photo for 5 minutes to have the perfect picture. I don’t enjoy it really. I just want my photos. :) Personally, I don’t ever do any major editing, but if a photo needs to be a little sharper, I sharpen it. If it needs to be cropped, I crop it. I might blur something in the background that distracts from the subject….just stuff like that. But even that little bit of editing takes time. I feel like I need to look at, and judge EACH photo before it can be printed, and that’s REALLY just not the case. There’s no reason why I can’t just snap the picture, load it on my computer and send it to a print lab WITHOUT editing it. But I do it anyway. I came away with some pretty amazing shots waaaay back in the days of film. There was no editing back then and I still did ok. Why can’t I just let it be now?!

As far as this project of getting all my photos printed, I’m overwhelmed. First, I hate sitting on my rear for very long (no really, it’s true!). Second, where do I start?! Should I weed out bad shots first? Should I make folders for each specific thing? Butterflies, Friends, Family, Wildlife, Scenery, etc? Should I delete all the blurry or otherwise bad photos out first? I just get so overwhelmed by it that I eventually just walk away. I’m TRYING to stick with things until I finish them and I REALLY want to do complete this project this year. I’m excited about it, and I’m really, REALLY enjoying looking back through my photos from the past few years. I’ve laughed and cried. :)

One thing that I recommend to ANY photographer (in case you’re wondering) that is very, very, very helpful to me is Google’s Picasa. If you don’t have Picasa and you take any photos at all, you need to download that program. It’s free and I think it’s the most amazing piece of software out there. I guess I just assumed that everybody knows about it, but not everyone does. I dare to say that for your general photographer & hobbyist, it’s as good as Photoshop. AND IT’S FREE! It’s a pretty powerful program, it’s not a memory hog, & doesn’t bog your computer down like Photoshop does for some folks.  :) You can download it by going here: http://picasa.com. And there’s a nice little video about Picasa that will help out new users, and you can see it by CLICKING HERE. There’s no need in going and spending lots of money on Photoshop or any other photo-editing software if you’re just a hobbyist. Picasa will do it all for you. :) You’re welcome!

Have a good evening!

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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I know the feeling about being overwhelmed by the task of organizing digital shots. That’s where I am right now. We’re going to select family shots from 2008 and take them to be printed for the album Don has done for many years. We’re also thinking about a Blurb book with them. Still undecided about that, although we are going to do Blurb books of favorite shots from years past. That seems to me to be the easiest way to enjoy them.

  2. I’m seriously considering taking my ‘best’ and making a photo book through Blurb.
    But for organization, I burn each Month’s pictures off onto CD and store them. When I want to ‘make’ something or print something, I go to Flickr and find when I took that ‘great’ photo and then find that month in my CD’s.
    I agree with Shirley…LOL

    Next project is to take the grandkids photos of 2008 and make brag books for the great grandmas.

    I just group mine to months and add a note to the CD to remind me what is there.
    Hope that helps.

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