Not Much


Nothing much going on today. I did my usual daily household chores and just enjoyed the cold day.

Brooke fixed us a delicious supper: zesty Italian (baked) chicken & red potatoes, and rice. I actually ate the rice! Those who know me in “real life” will be greatly impressed. I even enjoyed it. A little. ;) The chicken and red potatoes were yummy.

On Thursday and Friday the weather is supposed to be colder than it has been in about six years. I’m taking our outside dog, Hopper, to the kennel on Thursday morning because I do NOT want her out there in that cold. I’d bring her inside here, but she hates it, and she wants to poop in the house, which doesn’t gel well with…well, anything. *gag* She has fun at the kennel and they love her, so it’s totally worth it to me to take her there and not worry about her freezing.


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One thought on “Not Much

  1. We are supposed to get into the -20’s tonight and tomorrow! Yuck, that is without the winds factored into it.
    The weatherman says it is the big chill of the decade.
    Whatever happened to global warming?
    I could use some right now!

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