Bad Start to the Day

Nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in my favorite comfy pj’s, my fuzzy socks, and watching the Andy Griffith Show. :)

Little did I know until early this morning that over the weekend I had made a HUGE, HUGE mistake when I sent someone an email that I shouldn’t have sent (it contained the wrong information). Luckily everything turned out fine, but I was sweating bullets for a long time. Blah…

It’s been a lazy day around here. I worked on throwing away some of the (seemingly endless) junk that makes its way to my bedroom and worked on editing photos, too.  I ran several errands, and paid some bills.

When Marshall got home we went and found another Geocache in McLemore’s Cove. It was an easy find…he found it within five minutes of us being there. It was still fun and I’m hoping he gets the fever, because boy do I sure love it.

Ok, my Bear Grylls is coming on. He’s even MORE handsome in HD! (o=


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