Sad :(

I took this yesterday on our Geocaching trip. I mentioned what a fun time we had, right? :) My Toukie Bear has to go back to school tomorrow and I’m not happy about it AT ALL. :( My chest got all heavy about 10 minutes ago with that sick feeling of …whatever this is I feel when one of them leave. I’ve been pumping myself up so that hopefully I wouldn’t cry tomorrow when he leaves. It isn’t working. Cain was supposed to go out of town last night but thankfully he didn’t have to go so I did get to spend a bit more time with him than I thought I’d get.

I went to lunch today with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and a few other women from my hubby’s extended family. We had a delicious lunch and several good laughs. :) I’m looking forward to having lunch with just my MIL and SIL…not that I didn’t have a good time, but I think the three of us would have a terrific time. :)

:( He’s leaving. Tomorrow. Wonder if I could just go with him?


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One thought on “Sad :(

  1. Gosh, I’ve been missing out on your Blog! I keep forgetting to ‘manually’ come over and check on you…
    Before it was easy, you were on my follow list.
    Your son will come back…and he will go again. It becomes a cycle you know.

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