Caching & Trashing

Here’s a pic of Brooke and Cain “caching and trashing,” or “Cache & Trash” as it’s officially called.  We went on our first official Geocaching trip today and as we searched for the geocache we picked up quite a bit of garbage.

We had an absolute blast. We found all three cache items that we looked for today. We went to the Pocket area first and it took us a bit to find it, but we found it within 30 minutes or so.When you find the cache, normally you take something and leave something. We took this:

and we left a Riverbend pin from our Cache Stash (I made that up! Ha ha!). LOL ;) Whew…

Next we went to the overlook area on Pigeon Mountain. We started our search and after a bit of looking we decided to stop for about 10 minutes to eat our packed lunches. There’s nothing better than a peanut butter sandwich from a baggy, a bottle of water, and a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie for a picnic lunch. Mmm mmm! We ate and then started our search again. It took about an hour (in total) but we found it. In this one we found a Geocoin:

The Geocoin is trackable so we brought it home and we will input the tracking number on the Geocaching website and that way we can see where it has been and where it goes after we take it to a new Geocache. Since we took the coin, we left a silver snowflake pin.  After getting home and reading about that particular cache, I realized that we shouldn’t have left anything at all since the person who originally left that cache said it was a log-in cache only (in every geocache there is a log book so you can leave a bit of information about your search, or just your names if you’d prefer).

Anyone, any age can go Geocaching. Obviously you can see that we have the bug. :) We can’t wait to go again. There are lots and lots and LOTS of things hidden around here so we’ll have plenty to keep us busy. :)

At this point in my writing, it’s 11:35 p.m. and Cain just got home. He wanted to watch the Planet Earth dvd about Caves. The start of the dvd shows men jumping off a cliff into a very deep cave. And this is how I know that my children really are mine:

Cain: Are they parachuting?
Brooke (serious as can be, never cracks a smile): No, they’re free-falling and they’re just going to hope for the best at the bottom.

And then we all crack up. Even Cain, who is like his father and rarely laughs at anything WE say. I laughed until I finally had to run to the bathroom. True story. ;)

THIS breaks my heart.  I sure hope he pulls through.

I had an absolutely marvelous day. I hope you did too (really, I do!).

Good night. :)

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