Toddlers Are Fun!


This is Max. I babysat for him today while his Daddy handled some business here in town. It probably looks like he’s not having fun, but I assure you that he did. :) My flash fires off several times really fast before you take the picture to get rid of red eye, so he was staring at the flash. Toddlers are BUSY little boogers. I think he sat down for possibly 3 minutes while I read a story to him. I’m not complaining either. :) It was fun. I got a lot of exercise today. :D

Brooke and Cain went hiking this evening and by accident came across a geocache hidden for geocaching. If you don’t know what Geocaching is, CLICK HERE. It’s basically like Hide-&-Seek, but for objects and not people. Brooke has the fever now so tomorrow we are all going geocaching. There are things hidden ALL over the place around here. We’re plum excited, but not nearly as excited as Brooke. :)  Marshall and I watched a show on Discovery Channel about geocaching last year and we’ve been wanting to give it a go, but I guess we just forgot all about it.

Ok, Brooke was so excited that we just signed up for a premium membership. Live close by us? Want to join us?  It’s $30 a year for a premium membership–or you can get a free membership. Just go to the link above to join. Woo hoo! We’re excited. Join! We can hike and picnic and have loads of fun.

Ok, we’re off to set up our profile. :)


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