I love Brooke’s old Olympus camera. It took this “super macro” shot of a Tootsie Roll in very low light.

Grandpa’s birthday celebration was a huge success. Brooke and I left rather early for the church so we could finish some cooking, and to help get everything set up before church started.  The church service was great and I believe that everyone had a terrific time. :)

We had tons of people and tons of food. I have photos but haven’t edited them yet. I hope to get to that tomorrow. Marshall, Brooke, and I stayed until late in the afternoon to help my aunts get the fellowship hall cleaned up, and to get all their stuff from home packed up and taken back to their houses. It was a true pleasure to get to help them. I enjoyed visiting while we worked. :)

We are supposed to be getting over 4 inches of rain in the next couple of days. I’m rather excited about it. I look forward to just relaxing around the house, reading, editing some photos, and getting my house clean.

Have a good night. :)

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2 thoughts on “Success!

  1. We had rain…although it turned to ice on top of the snow…made for some interesting hiking!
    Sounds like you’ve had a busy start to your New Yrs!!

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