For Pete’s Sake!

I took this photo on Monteagle Mountain the other day. I was laughing pretty hard in the back seat while riding with my Dad and stepmother because what drew my eyes to the sign was a broken down van and a guy about Brooke’s age (21) working on it. I SO wish I could’ve got him and his van in the picture but I’m not sure if he’d have thought it as funny as I did.  We did stop to ask him if he needed help, but someone was on their way to help him.  I pointed out the sign to my Dad, who in turn pointed it out to the guy. He grinned and said, “Yeah, pretty ironic, huh?”  We laughed and laughed.  Well, he didn’t so much…but we did.

The sign is fitting this morning because a) it took me FOREVER to get WordPress to load, and now it looks like the photo may not load at all.  Ugh!

Marshall was in a hurry to leave this morning to go get all things done that we need to get done, and he’s been on the phone ever since I got out of the shower (about an hour ago).  I’m sitting here waiting on him so I thought I’d just go ahead and blog.

I’m feeling not so well today.  My head is in a great mood, my body is not. :( There’s something crazy going on with my legs and I NEED to go to the doctor to see what’s happening. My right leg is HUGE and it hurts so much.  I do need to get something done about it, but I don’t know what they could do.

If Chatty Cathy ever gets off the phone we will be going to pick up parts and deliver parts, then we are going to see Marshall’s parents. We haven’t seen them since we were at the cabin in North Carolina.  I’m looking forward to going.

Oh, he’s finally off the phone and asking ME if I’m finally ready. *grumble*

Later, gators.

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One thought on “For Pete’s Sake!

  1. Lady…get TO the doctor and report back to me..please?
    Lots of things could be up and it could be simple too…please please, please…

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