More Butterfly Hunting

This is part of the huge pasture that we’ve been taking all of the butterfly photos in. That little silver thing near the center of the photo is my stepmother’s car, just to give you some perspective.  There are thistle EVERYWHERE but you can’t hardly see them in this little photo.  Anyway, I think the place is beautiful and it’s in a little cove near Stevenson, Alabama.

I forgot to mention that last night before we went home we stopped by Wal-Mart to get my stepmother another memory card for her camera.  Her camera is old by digital camera standards and I told my Dad that I didn’t think they made that particular memory card anymore.  He ended up buying her a new Nikon Coolpix as an early birthday present. She was so excited. :D

She was in the garden center when we picked the camera out so I snuck it out to the car before she found us. When we got in the car I asked her to hold my “coke” while I buckled up and I handed her the camera.  :)  She was SO, SO excited.  She’s like my hubby in that she NEVER would buy anything like that for herself. She’s certainly the giver in the relationship with my Dad, so it was a real treat for her.

Since she got the camera we all decided to go back today so she could try out her camera. It looked like the pics she took with it are great. We were all quite tired today but we had another successful day of butterfly hunting.

Marshall and Cain have been working in South Carolina for the past couple of days and they were home when I got back. I’m so glad they are home. Marshall is so tired and I hope he’s able to relax some during this holiday weekend.


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