Perfect, Perfect Day!

(I was so tired last night that I didn’t get this finished–sorry, I’m sure y’all were dying to hear from me.)

I got up early this morning and met my Daddy and stepmother at their house. We left and headed to South Pittsburg, Tenn.

We went to a creek that Marshall and I found last August that had several butterflies. There weren’t too many there, but we then traveled on to a cemetery just down the road that is cut into a pasture. Along the rock wall of the cemetery is a bunch of thistle. There were various butterflies all over it and I got a lot of a good shots there.

We left the cemetery and had a picnic at a little roadside area that these folks had put on their property. There was a little stream and they had made a picnic table out of an old mill stone. Actually, I took a pic of Daddy beside it. The photo is a little bright, but this is the table:

We had a great lunch and then headed on down the road.

We went to Sherwood, Tennessee, and ended up in Stevenson, Alabama.  We found a pasture that was FULL (and I DO mean full!) of thistle.  We talked to one of the owners, a kindly elderly lady, who said that we could go in there. She was 88, I believe, and we could tell she was lonely. She asked us to please stay and talk to her and we did for a while. She and I exchanged addresses because I told her that I would send her some of the butterfly shots. She was so excited. She said, “Oh, I’d LOVE to have a pen pal!” :D  I thought it was precious and I can’t wait to get letters from her.  She’s sharp as a tack–and a little doll.  Why didn’t I get a photo of her? Because I’m an idiot.

We took pictures for hours. I’m so sore that I can hardly walk. :) We had a wonderful, fantastic, super time. I really enjoyed spending time with Daddy and Becky. I realize how very lucky I am that my Dad calls me and asks me to go on travels with him. I know how much this day will mean to me. Dad is getting on up there and I know how blessed I am that we get to do things like this together. That picture that I took of him getting the shot of the butterfly quickly became one of my favorite photos. I love it. I can’t wait to send him a copy.

Well, it’s almost midnight and I’m just getting home. I’m exhausted and I’m hitting the hay.  G’night.

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One thought on “Perfect, Perfect Day!

  1. This post and that picture touched me so much.

    I want two things from you. I want many actually, but these are special request.

    When coconut arrives… I want you to get some good pics of it with my daddy. I’ll be lucky if he sees coconut start kindergarten, let along reach puberty.

    The other… I want to go with you to see that old lady. Be her pen pal, get an invite. Ask to bring your prego pal along. I want to meet her. I need someone like her in my life in a bad way. I need someone to help me put years and time into perspective. I need someone that to them, 7 or 14 years is like a blink. I need someone to tell me stories. I want to know her with you.

    Is it Thursday yet? I want you too.

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