Big Game Butterfly Hunter

I received a text early this morning from my father, suggesting that I put on some hiking boots, grab my cameras, and go butterfly shooting with him. I decided to take him up on his offer. :)

We stayed on the mountain, in my aunt’s large field, and at my Daddy’s house, where he and my stepmother have a tremendous amount of flowers. I should’ve heeded his warning and worn pants instead of shorts because my legs are ripped all to pieces from the blackberry bushes in my aunt’s field. Ouch!

We had a couple of storms come through so while we were waiting on the weather to clear up we went and visited with my grandpa. He’s 92 now and still drives (he was at Daddy’s house when I got there this morning).  He’s a little more hunched over than the last time I saw him. He towers over me at about 6’something, and today he looked not much taller than me (I’m 5’4″). He says he has a pinched nerve in his back and I sure hate to see that his health is declining.

After our visit we went back to the field and photographed several different kinds of butterflies, including the female Diana, which is what you see in the photo above. I had a great time with my Dad, even if my legs could use a few stitches. ;)

I also made the mistake of not eating lunch when it was offered. I ate my usual bowl of Cheerios before I left this morning, and the only thing I ate up there was a pack of peanut butter crackers. I have the headache from you-know-where from not eating.  I scarfed down something when I got home tonight but by this point I think it’s too late.

It was a great day though. Hope yours was, too. :)

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