Cleaning Out My Drawers :)

Isn’t that a lovely title for a blog?  I think so, too. :)

Man, I can cook a mean pone of cornbread. See the steam rising off of it?  Mmm mmm, it was delicious.  I cook it in that iron skillet there in the background.  That skillet was my great-grandmother’s, then my grandmother’s, and then mine. :)  It is my FAVORITE kitchen item (besides my Vidalia Onion Chopper). I messed up one time and used Pam in it and it took me forever to get it back to where my food wouldn’t stick. I won’t ever do that again.

I finally made Marshall’s Father’s Day supper tonight.  I made his favorite: meatloaf with all the fixings. It was delicous. I also made a banana pudding (yes D, I’m still making yours!) and it was YUMMY!

Brooke and I went walking and then came home and started on Day 1 of Cleaning Things Out. We went in a clockwise manner and started with the kitchen. We went through every drawer and every cabinet in the kitchen. I threw TONS of stuff away, mostly thanks to Brooke.  I told her just to not show me things or I’d say, “No, I need that because…(insert reason here). We have several bags for Goodwill. We were both very proud of me.

There were just a few things that I would not budge on, and that was some glasses that I’ve collected over the years–and ones that they used as children. And my only other attachment was to their lunch boxes–just three of them. Brooke’s Lamb Chop lunchbox, and Cain’s Lion King and Small Soldiers lunchboxes.  I don’t see myself ever getting rid of those. But, if you knew how I save things, you’d be SO, SO proud of me for getting rid of what I did.

Tomorrow I’ll do the dining room.  There’s actually hardly thing in there. I just need to go through the China cabinet and get rid of some things.

As I was cleaning out today, I saw all of the seasonal things that I use: the deviled egg plate, and the platter I always use to serve the Thanksgiving turkey, It made me start thinking about Thanksgiving Day and how I look forward to cooking this year’s meal.  I always cook and have dinner here at home and it’s Brooke’s favorite day of the year. My turkeys (if I say so myself) are always so juicy and good. I LOVE cooking here at home and I wish that more family would come.

I also decided that this year I’m going to cook a big meal for the “gang.” We’ve never had our friends here at our house because we’ve been working on it and well, it’s usually just more fun at someone else’s house. LOL Anyway, I can’t wait to cook for them and have them all come and just be here with us.

How much longer until November?

Marshall and I watched 10,000 BC tonight. It was ok, nothing to write home about. I generally like movies like that (Jurassic Park, Day After Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, etc) but I thought this would have more of the wildlife from that era. :D

Have a good night. :)

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Drawers :)

  1. Love the plate your cornbread is on… Mmm, it looks scrumptious! :)
    I know what you mean, I need some deep cleaning out of our drawers also! :)
    I told Cameo we needed to do it now so when school starts back for us we will be ready! :)
    I hope you have a great day!
    Love to you my friend!

  2. My stove! I see it there, in the distance. I LOVED that stove. It broke our hearts to sell it to you. That was the best stove ever!

    Can I be family? Thanksgiving sounds great? You know, I’ll be hatching around then. The shindig for friends at your place (you’ve said it now) will have to come before baby… and then again one close to Christmas so the coconut can come and be oogled over. Then, it’s my birthday and baby can go to daddy’s!

    Hmmm… warm cornbread.

  3. Oh, I noticed the steam right away!!! Yummy!!! I never could keep an iron skillet seasoned properly :( I got rid of ours when we moved because I didn’t want to use them on the smooth-top stove fearing they would damage it. I hate that stove!!!

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