Two Thumbs WAY Up!

See that happy smile?  That same smile was on my face and Brooke’s face this afternoon as we sat in the ER with Dawnia. I don’t know if anyone has ever been so happy to hear that they had a urinary tract infection, but if we could’ve thrown a party in the ER, we sure would’ve. :)

Dawnia called me early this afternoon and said that she was headed to the ER, that she was having some sharp pains and had a little spotting. Since she is only 16-17 weeks pregnant we were scared.  Brooke and I headed straight for the hospital to meet her there.

Hutcheson took FOREVER to get her back–we sat for over two hours in the ER waiting room before they called her back.  I’m not sure how they don’t think a possible miscarriage is not an emergency, but whatever. Even if she had been in there for just a headache, it took an unusually long time to get her back.

Brooke and I were nervous for her, but I think we hid that really well. :)  As a matter of fact, Dawnia informed us that we “make misery fun.”  LOL!  I won’t go into details because I’d never do justice to how hard we laughed and WHY we laughed, but rest assured, at one point I thought we might all be kicked out of the hospital. :D  (Mmmm…Febreeze!)

When the nurse finally came in to listen to the baby’s heartbeat we all calmed down. I will speak for myself and say that when the nurse couldn’t find the heartbeat I thought my heart might break in two right on the spot. She searched and searched, for what seemed like forever.  Dawnia was watching the monitor, and was not facing me and Brooke. I was glad that she could not see the nervous glances that Brooke and I were giving one another.

The nurse finally did find the heartbeat, but lost it almost as soon as she found it.  She searched some more and decided she would call in another nurse. The other nurse came in, mashed around on Dawnia’s tummy and told the PA where to put the gel.  They found the baby’s heartbeat almost immediately and it was loud and strong. We listened to it for well over a minute and yes, a few tears were shed.

Come to find out, D has a bad urinary tract infection. We were so happy. Hee hee! Yay! Urinary issues! I said a prayer and thanked God that the baby was fine.

I don’t think anyone really understands how excited I am about this baby coming. I don’t even want to consider that something could happen.  I think my heart was in my throat for the several hours that we were there.  Everything was fine when we heard that swooshing heartbeat. :)

It meant the world to me that I could be there for Dawnia. I could see the fear in her eyes and I was glad that I could be there. I’m happy that Brooke and I were able to make her laugh and settle her down. I know she would’ve done the exact same thing for me.

Friends. Mine are the best. :)

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3 thoughts on “Two Thumbs WAY Up!

  1. Every time I think… I can do this alone. Then, I don’t have to. Someone shows up and I swallow my pride and let you in.

    Thank you thank you thank you for today. I would have been a wreck sitting there alone. I was scared, sad and tired. You guys made me laugh so hard it hurt. I’ve NEVER seen you laugh that hard.

    Febreezee…. yum.

    OK. I’ll write mine now.

    I bet the docs/nurses will be talking about us for days and days.

  2. rather than the ER she should have went to L&D at the women’s center @ Hutcheson. They would have been quicker about that.
    I’m glad she’s ok.

    We might get to bring Samuel home today. We’ll find out when we get up to the hospital this afternoon.

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