Sleepy Sunday

Honey and I have done nothing but relax all day here at the house and it feels great. We hung up some solar lights on the deck and that was the extent of our workout. :)

Another restless night of sleep left me sleepy all day and I tried to doze on the couch, except SOMEONE kept waking me up asking questions like “What are you doing?”  What do you want to fix for supper?” (even though it was only around 2 p.m.).  Yep, if you guessed it was Capt. Questions, you’d be right. ;)

This morning I said to hubby, “I can’t believe you didn’t her barking last night.” His answer?  “Who?”  :)  We both had a giggle over that, especially when he realized what he had said. I don’t know WHAT Lucy was barking at but no sooner than I fell asleep she let loose with a series of barks. Then, the chicken that I am, was too afraid to fall back asleep.

We watched the Bucket List. I cried. One part that really made me think was when Morgan Freeman’s character was telling Jack Nicholson’s character that when Egyptians died, they believed that before they could enter the gates of Heaven you were asked two questions.  The first is “Have you found joy in your life?” and the second is, “Has your life brought joy to others?”  I know my answer to the first question is yes, and I’d like to think that I could answer yes to the second question, too.  Anyway, loved the movie. :)

Brooke will be home tomorrow from her weekend trip to Atlanta.  Yay!  I can’t wait to see her. :)


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4 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. And that sums up life! We make it so complicated. I saw the movie shortly before Missy died. Thought provoking! I cannot watch it now, however. Just too hard…

  2. YOU bring joy to my life every day sunshine. Everyday. You keep me afloat.

    Mower blades, Jesus fleas, your kids… the lot of you. I love you.

  3. Rachel,
    I found your blog today while looking for your father’s art. Please email me. I remember when your family visited mine many years ago. Hope to hear from you soon!

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