This morning my honey woke me up at 6:15 to ask me if I still wanted to go to Trade Day in Collinsville, Alabama.  At that moment what I wanted to do was bean him over the head with my pillow.  Instead I got up, showered, woke Cain up (who’s a grouch like me in the mornings), and we hit the road.

For some crazy reason I opted to carry my big camera with me and lug it around (by the way, when I call it my “big” camera, what I mean is, is that it weighs a ton). I toted it and my smallest camera: the Canon S2 IS. I’m glad that I did because I got some neat pictures, but my neck sure is giving me the devil now.

I love going to Trade Day.  What I do NOT love is seeing all of the animals they have there.  I’m not against seeing farm animals there, but there are SO many puppies and rabbits and birds there, and I just don’t think that’s the right place to be selling animals like that. And you know that most of those people have puppy mills going on.  I can understand a person bringing one litter of the same kind of puppy, but mostly what you find is one person set up with four or five different kinds of puppies. Some barely look old enough to be away from their mama.

I’m not sure why these people aren’t checked out. Seems to me that they should at least be made to have permits to have animals there. Wouldn’t that make sense?

We saw a crate of four puppies, not sure what kind they were, but they were about knee high, all in ONE crate–or chicken pen, you know, and they were just crammed in. They had moving room, but barely. I’ve decided that I’m going to call the main trade day folks and see what their policy is on crap like that.  There’s no sense in it.

Then you have folks who have one pet, like the pit bull above, who are just there trying to sell the pet.  I imagine these are the folks that just need money so they bring their dog.  This pit bull was GORGEOUS, and I don’t know if you can see his eyes, but he had one very light blue eye and the other eye was dark blue. I had Lucy so I was afraid to get close to him.  I’m not sure of anyone who would buy a full-grown pit bull, especially from the way these folks looked.  There’s no telling how that dog was raised.  It just makes me SICK.

Then there was some other idiot who had a full-grown Rottweiler, and the Rottweiler was beautiful, but again, it’s full-grown, and the people who had it looked like your typical redneck folks who shouldn’t even own a dog like that in the first place. And I certainly don’t think I’m better than anyone else, but this man had TAPED–yes, TAPED, a piece of paper to the Rottweiler’s back, and the paper stated how much the dog cost.  And that was the only thing the guy was selling. Ugh!

And let me just say that I don’t think that all people who go there to sell their pets are bad people. There were some folks there who had a litter of the CUTEST English bulldog puppies.  You could tell the people were intelligent, knew what they were doing, and the dogs looked clean, healthy, and playful.  They weren’t in kennels, they were romping around in the bed of a huge truck and just having a grand ol’ time. I’d like for one of them to be having a grand ol’ time at my house but know how much they were?!  $1,200!  They were adorable. :)

We were all exhausted when we got home.  I don’t think anyone bought anything but me.  I bought a harness for Lucy, and a bluegrass CD, so I spent a total of $15. I usually only by fruits and red potatoes when we go, but I couldn’t find the little man that I like to buy from. I didn’t search too hard because by the time we were almost done, Marshall’s sprained foot was bothering him quite bad.

We had a heck of a rainstorm. I was SO excited.  There was lightning, thunder, and it actually came a downpour for a good 30/45 minutes.  It may have lasted longer than that but we were leaving so I’m not really sure how long it lasted. I said a quick prayer, thanking God for the rain, because we need it something fierce.

We met Dawnia, Kevin, Tim, Max, & Matt and Sheila at Sugar’s Ribs for supper. We enjoyed seeing everyone (‘cept Jen didn’t get to come because she was sick–feel better, Jen!) and once again, our food was delicious. I love that place.

We have just been relaxing since we’ve been home.  Lucy and I have been having lots of fun tonight. :)  Still no fleas!  Isn’t that amazing? If you have a dog you should talk to your vet about Comfortis.  I can’t believe how fantastic it is.


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One thought on “Collinsville

  1. let me get this straight – you went to Sugar’s across the street from me and didnt even stop by?!?!?! You can even see my car from the parking lot!! People have been sent to burn in hell for less!

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