One Whole Year!

My two favorite gals in the whole wild world. :) I took this today before Brooke left for Atlanta.

My Lucy has been with us for a year today.  I can’t believe we’ve had her for a year, and my how she has grown. This is her with Cain on the day we brought her home:

If you’re a regular here you already know what an absolute source of joy she is in not just my life, but my in the lives of my whole family. We all love her so much. I truthfully want her with me every second of every day. I hate when I have to be away from her.

I had almost NO sleep last night. I’m praying that tonight I can get some rest. Wish me luck. :)


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2 thoughts on “One Whole Year!

  1. Think ahead Saturday and bring her crate so you don’t have to fret over her. See your avatar! Cooler, you in swimsuit, little dog. We just need the cool chairs and the fence.

    Donna is out junkin today without me. She got the days confused and thought we were going today instead of tomorrow. She’s still coming tomorrow, but she went today too. Evil wench.

    Love you…..

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