Flipping OUT!

I could not be more excited. :)  The new season of Flipping Out starts in just a few short minutes. I LOVE Flipping Out. Do you watch it?  It’s on Bravo.  It’s such fun. Jeff really knows how to throw a tantrum.

I feel much better after my rant/whining session on my blog yesterday, just so you know.

So this morning I call my vet to see if they have Frontline in stock because they are going on vacation. They tell me they have a new product called Comfortis. It’s a new FDA-approved beef-flavored pill. A pill! Internal medication.  I talked to a friend who’s son works for a vet, and did some research online and decided to get the pill for Lucy.

Brooke went to the vet for me as I was cleaning the house getting ready for the pest control guy to come. She took Lucy with her so they could weigh her (10.5 lbs) because the pill given is based on the weight of the dog.  I gave it to her at 10:20 and within an hour we saw fleas getting the heck outta Dodge. We waited a couple of hours and Brooke bathed her and I’m SO excited because there is not a SINGLE flea on her.

The pill is given once a month, and is supposed to work for the full 30 days. I sure hope that it does. :) The fleas are bad here in Georgia now and for the first time ever we’ve had a real problem with them on our critters. Not anymore though, I hope. :)

Ok, Flipping Out is on.  Nighty night!

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