Honey Is Home! Yay!

Brooke and I had a rather eventful day. When we got up I showered and then ran to Dollar General to get some household goods. It was such a beautiful day that I didn’t want to waste it sitting indoors.

We loaded up the cameras and Lucy and headed to the Pocket. Normally I don’t like going there by myself (or even with just one of my children) because it’s way back up in the woods and if something happened there’s no cell phone service or anything. Plus, I’m a huge, HUGE chicken.

I forgot how dark it gets in the late spring there. The forest is very dense and there are so many trees that hardly any sunlight gets through. It’s beautiful, and very peaceful. Brooke and I started walking along the boardwalk that leads you into the woods and we weren’t too far in when I spotted that snake in the photo above. I was SO excited. It has been a while since I’ve seen a snake.

We stopped and started taking tons of photos as the snake made its way to the top of the tree. While we were standing there, two small children ran past us going back towards the parking lot. That didn’t alarm us because kids usually always run ahead of their parents there.

A few minutes later a man ran past us, towards the parking lot. I said, “Maybe we should’ve asked if there was a bear or something up there. Maybe we need to run for our lives.” Brooke said that surely they would’ve said something to us. LOL. Anyway, we’re still standing there and the man ran back past us. As he was running by I said, “We thought about asking you if there was a bear up there.” He said, “No, one of our kids just fell about 30 feet from the ledge.”

There are waterfalls at the end of the trail. The boardwalk only goes so far in and then you have to hike the rest of the way to the falls. There are rocky cliffs all around the waterfalls. Some how the kid fell, tumbling head over feet, to the bottom. Luckily his grandfather, who had stayed with the boy while the other man ran to his truck–the man who kept running past us–were both paramedics.

Brooke and I helped them carry all of their gear back out so that one of them (the grandpa) could carry the boy. He was a bit bloody and had a “tomato knot” on his head. His head BARELY missed a jagged rock. Had he hit it I’m certain it would’ve killed him. One of the men (the runner) told us that when they got to the kid (who was about 11), he was just lying there gurgling. It would’ve scared the soup out of me. I told Brooke had that been her or Cain, I’d probably have had a heart-attack.

I wish I would’ve thought to get their names so I could call and check on the kid. Bless his heart. He was in a lot of pain. We felt awful for him. After Brooke and I lugged all that stuff out, we were tired and just left, but seeing that snake made my day. :)

We came home and called Kandi. She came over and we all headed up to her studio to play wii. I had never played before and she has been asking me to come up. I’m glad we went. We bowled, which I did great at, and played Mario Kart, which I sucked at. We also played baseball, tennis, and Guitar Hero. It was so much fun. I was horrible at Mario Kart and didn’t even really give Guitar Hero a good chance. I really stink at both of those.

We headed home after about three hours. We were exhausted from all of the exercise we got today. :D My honey got home around 8 p.m. and the kids gave him his ipod and he is on our bed listening to it now. He actually said he loves it. We filled it with his favorite music and I also added some photos of us (and of course Lucy) on there for him. Brooke made him his favorite cookies, and tomorrow I’ll cook him his favorite supper. I’m so, so happy to have him home. He was gone for seven days.

I’m either going to cook a dinner for both of our fathers and have them come down, or we’ll all go out and eat. I’m not sure yet, but we want to show them both how much they mean to BOTH of us, and how lucky we are to have them in our lives. We love them both so much.

Have a good night.

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One thought on “Honey Is Home! Yay!

  1. I was going to give you hell for being a alone in the woods chicken… but the snake. I’m so uncomfortable with the fact that they can climb. They need to stick to the ground and stay out of trees so they don’t fall on your head.

    Funny thing about snakes… yesterday, I was pricing a huge order of kids books that were all about snakes and spiders. I thought… you just watch. The coconut will want one as a pet. I’ll try sooo hard not to put my fears into the critter…. but a snake in the house? A spider? On purpose. Full body shudder.

    Hope I didn’t jinx that poor little boy with my text message yesterday..

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