Brooke and I got up and was ready early this morning. Kandi picked us up at 8:30 and we headed to Hixson, Tenn., to help her with a beautiful wedding. At the reception (and while we were waiting on the bride and groom) I spotted this GORGEOUS red-headed woodpecker.  Actually there were three of them and I was so excited I almost popped. :)  This was only my second time to see such a beautiful bird.  It makes me want to go back up there and sit all day with my tripod and camera. What a lovely bird!

We thought Marshall would be home but he’s not and won’t be home until tomorrow night. We were going to treat our fathers’ to a Father’s Day dinner. I was actually ok with rescheduling so that I could help Kandi. Hopefully we will be able to do it some time this week.

Brooke was exhausted.  Kandi hired her to be the “pack mule” (that’s what Brooke called herself):

We just got home a little bit ago (it’s almost 11 now) and Brooke kissed me, and her butt hit the bed.  She was asleep within 5 minutes. It was a LONG day, that’s for sure. By the way, she was only holding my camera there for a second while I changed some settings on my other camera.  That camera she’s holding probably weighs more than she does so there was no way I was going to have her sit there and hold it. :)

Well, I’m also exhausted.  Have a good night.

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One thought on “All…Day…Long

  1. Wow exhausted I’d say! Our day was super quiet. Peaceful!

    I’m having serious camera envy. I’ve been absent from here and I apologize! We had days were I couldn’t turn on our computer…had to keep everything unplugged.

    Lator Tator!!!

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