“It’s Just Ink”

My Dad was going through some of his belongings and found a couple of sketches he had drawn of me back when I was a youngster. This is one of them.

Here are some preliminary sketches (I’ve always wanted to say that) of another one:

It looks like he was making changes to the nose. And here’s me in the final picture:

I remember having to be SO still for this. In the first sketch up there, he used a photograph of me, but in this second shot I remember sitting in our kitchen and wishing he would hurry up. :) I’m sure thankful I have these now.

I fell asleep this morning around 3 and woke up several times after that thinking about Cain’s tattoo. I still can’t believe he did it, and it breaks my heart that he wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to talk him out of it. Somewhere during those early morning hours I came to peace with it. I don’t know how or why, but I did. I wish he hadn’t have done it but, as a wonderful friend told me in a beautiful email she sent me about it, “it’s just ink.”

I woke up with Cain’s face right in mine. He had this big goofy grin and was trying to wake me up (obviously he succeeded). Then Brooke came in my bedroom and they were goofing off with me, making me laugh. Cain informed me that he and Brooke cleaned the house as I slept. I guess that was his way of making up with me. :)

Storms were all around us today, but as per usual they either evaporated when they got to us, or moved around us. I don’t know why that keeps happening here. I’m not kidding, on the radar at one point there was rain ALL around us, except for a small, almost perfect circle of nothing right over us. I showed it to Brooke but I wish I had taken a print-screen so I could show you. It’s insane. WE NEED RAIN!

I’m very sleepy. More later. :)

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One thought on ““It’s Just Ink”

  1. We need rain but not today! Swim! School skipping! Tams! TJMaximus! M & S!

    Love the sketches. Was he trying to get your nose just right or did he not like your nose. I like you nose. It is all cute. I hate my nose. It is a big ole honker.

    I just woke up from a dream and I’m going back to sleep. I’m feeling goofy…

    Do the “Rain tonight or tomorrow…not today” dance.

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