Headache Schmeadache

I have had a headache all day long. It’s not a horrible one, but just a dull, constant headache. I’m pretty sure that me usually having my fat behind in the air conditioning all the time sent my body into shock being out in the heat and sun all day yesterday.

Over the past few days I’ve gotten a little over 300 photos edited and sent to Shutterfly. I have 200 more photo credits on Shutterfly from the pre-paid plan I bought last year. Once I use those up I think I’ll move on and see if there might be another online photo website that I might like. I’ve used two or three different ones and I pretty much like all of them. It’s nice to have so many to choose from.

That’s all I have to say. :) Night.

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2 thoughts on “Headache Schmeadache

  1. I need to get some pics ready and print them. I need to do tons of things! I have pics of trips with E I want to process, I want to have some blown up from Peru, I have tons and tons of stuff. Ugh! And it’s about to get worse!

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