Wonderful Day

Marshall and I got up early and headed to Dawnia’s to meet her and Mtn. Donna. We all went to the Hwy. 41 yard sales. We had a great time but it was miserably hot. I spent all of $4. We were a bit disappointed because there was no good junk, mostly clothes and baby stuff.

Marshall and I headed back to our house and grabbed our bathing suits, stopped by Wal-Mart and got a few groceries and then headed up to D’s for a swim. I can’t stress enough how hot it was and we were so happy to get in the pool.

We had a great time and stayed until 10 tonight. It was a long day, but a wonderful day. We got to see our “old” buddies, Tammy, and Kevin, and I finally got to meet Tam’s hubby, Madison. We also met their friend Mark.

Marshall grilled out for us and everything was yummy. I hated that we were all worn out so early. We must be getting old. :) Marshall is already in bed snoring away. We weren’t home long before he crashed out. I, on the other hand, was craving milk like crazy, and like an idiot, I drank a big glass of it, so now I will need to stay up a while so I won’t get choked in my sleep. I don’t know why, but milk really aggravates my hiatal hernia. It sucks.

What a beautiful day with beautiful friends. We are so blessed. :)

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