Ok, so maybe there IS something wrong with me. I don’t know what it could be though. I just burst into tears earlier today for what seems like no reason. I THINK maybe my hormones (or lack thereof) could be the issue but I wonder if there’s a definite way to find out if yes, they’re screwed up. I sure would like to know because I don’t like feeling the way I’m feeling. I’m in a funk with no desire to do anything (I do still do things, but I’m not excited about anything like I usually am).

My honey called me to tell me he was on his way home about the same time my waterworks started. I tried to dry it up but couldn’t and he asked me what was wrong. I told him I didn’t have a clue–that nothing was wrong really.  When he got here he told me to load up, that he wanted to go on the mtn. to fish and that I could take my cameras and shoot. He didn’t have to do that and I thought it was SO seriously sweet of him. It did make me feel better and my day has only improved.

One thing I am worried about is Cain. He won’t talk to me about his problems and I guess I should understand that, but I don’t. He’s SO private and it just drives me nuts.  And honestly, I’m not trying to pry into his life, I just want him to know that he can talk to me.  I’d love to offer advice to him but how can I when he won’t open up? And I don’t even have to offer advice, I just want him to know I’m there to listen to him if that’s what he needs. It just kills me.

He and his girlfriend broke up, as you know, and he has been so grouchy towards us (me, honey, and Brooke) and it’s getting past the point where we’re all trying to be understanding, to us just getting angry at him. My point here is, is that I would love to try and help him, but he doesn’t allow me in.  :( Anyway, ’nuff about that. He knows how very much I love him and I guess that’s all he needs (and this thermos).

When we got home from the mountain, Brooke and I went up to Dawnia’s and swam for a little while. Matt was there when we got there but left after a bit, and then D got home from Sam’s Club and got in with us. We swam for about an hour and a half I guess. We had a great time:

Brooke was talking, as per usual…or maybe she was mid-laugh, I’m not sure, but anyway, the pool felt great.  This was our first time (all three of us) to swim this year. I sure hope I get some sun this year.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so white. ;)

Just saw this on CNN (Connecticut must be so proud): Hit & Run victim left in street without help. Yet another reason I don’t understand, nor much like, the human race as a whole.  What in the world is WRONG with people?! How could you just leave someone in the street?  I mean, these people (even people who passed him by in their cars) did not even call 911. I just don’t get it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.

~~Thursday 13~~

(13 Things I ALWAYS Carry In My Pocketbook)

1. Pics of my kids.
2. My camera.
3. Chapstick
4. Silly Putty (seriously)
5. My three favorite pens.
6. A pocketknife.
7. Aspirin for my heart.
8. Tums
9. A small notebook
10. Lipstick
11. Hand sanitizer
12. handi-wipes
13. Lotion
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