Laughed ‘Til I Was Sick

Did you click on the video that I posted from YouTube earlier today? That had me laughing so hard that I seriously thought I was going to be sick. I think that little ol’ man is adorable. :)

Comcast is driving me batty. I called their offices today to complain (again) and see what could be done, and they had an automatic message come up saying that they are doing maintenance on their north Georgia and Chattanooga servers (or something like that), and that there would be service issues until 6 a.m. tomorrow. I’m ready to throw my cable modem under a truck.  I sure hope whatever they are doing fixes the problem. It’s sooooooo S-L-O-W.

Oh, and every time I mention Comcast in my blog, I get a comment from someone at Comcast asking me to email them for assistance in whatever problem I’m having. They want me to go from hating Comcast, to loving it. I appreciate that, I really do, but I’m not sure what someone a million miles away can do for me that they can’t do here at my local office…and that’s IF these CSR’s really ARE from Comcast.

We watched Cloverfield tonight. I thought it was ok. I certainly wasn’t bored, but I’d have liked more information on ….well, I can’t really say without ruining it for those who may not have seen it. I did like that it was filmed sort of like Blair Witch Project, which I LOVE (except for all the cursing). It scares the soup out of me.

I had to fight myself today to keep from listening to Christmas music. I made a deal with myself (hee hee) and decided it would be ok to listen to it next month during the whole “Christmas In July” thing that usually goes on.

I’m ready for fall and football. How about you? Cain’s first game is Sept. 6. I sure hope he gets playing time. Anyway, I’m excited.

I forgot to tell my good friend, Val, over at Mule Wings, Happy Birthday and I feel like a complete’ horse’s butt for forgetting. I’m so sorry, Val, but I hope your birthday was terrific. You know how much I enjoy our friendship and I’m blessed to have you in my life (even if it is just my “cyber” life). We’re going to HAVE to meet one day!

Well, honey is watching a Steven Seagal movie. I’m going to see if I can get my ears to stop bleeding. Just the sound of Seagal’s voice makes me want to hurl.

Oh, and I ordered 100 photos today from my pre-paid Shutterfly account and I’m still working on photos. Yay!


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3 thoughts on “Laughed ‘Til I Was Sick

  1. You kill me with that Christmas stuff… Oh, how I dread that and how to deal with it with a little one. Damned peer pressure.

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