Melatonin & Dreams

Here’s Brooke giving a smile as she goes by. :) She was the one I was expecting to come dragging out of the water at first chance. She’s always been terrified of water. I mean, she used to would not even take a bath without me prying her fingers off the doorway, or anything else she could grab a hold of before she got to the tub. :)

Seems there are lots of reports on people having more vivid dreams while taking Melatonin. Isn’t that interesting? One dr. even describes the “long, clear, and memorable dreams” like I mentioned. He likens it to watching a double feature at the movie theater, which explains it just right. My dreams are SO long these past few nights, as if I’m not really even asleep, but just experiencing another day in my life.  I do wake up feeling quite rested though.

So far, the dreams are extremely pleasant. I’m happy as can be in them.  They aren’t really unusual, in that I’m not seeing flying unicorns, or talking animals or any other thing that wouldn’t happen in real life. It really is if I’m just having a normal day, but a HAPPY normal day. :)  I’m fascinated by all of this, really, so just thought I’d share. :)

Today is the first normal day back at home, well, except that Brooke and Cain are both here.  ;)  We are about to get started on the pigsty that is our house. Brooke and I are starting upstairs in her room and making it a room she can sleep in again instead of just an extra room where everything is thrown. I’m so excited about it, too.  I’ll have a LOT of stuff to take to a local donation center. I love getting rid of clutter.  Woo hoo!

Hope your day is a beautiful one.

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4 thoughts on “Melatonin & Dreams

  1. Sleep for you! Hooray!

    Dreams are funny things…. I wish mine were not always so damned vivid. And then there are some I’m glad are vivid. Meow.

  2. What fun times…
    I am glad you had a nice vacation.
    Yep, my sister does the melatonin thing and it works pretty well for her too. Glad you are getting some Zzzz…

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