It’s Over :(

(Start on May 26th and read up–don’t read this first!)

We got up at 6 this morning (Brooke & I did) and got ready and headed back home. We had the mother-daughter dinner “tea” with Mom at her church and I’m actually glad we got up to go. I tried to talk myself out of it because I didn’t want to leave the cabin but it was actually very nice. :)

We finally got to the house around 1:30 or so and this was the first time I wasn’t excited to actually get home from vacation. That place was so much fun and Honey had SOOOO much fun. We actually enjoyed having no cell phones, no internet connection, and NO worries. :) It was very nice. I hope we get to go back soon.

I’m tired and I have a ton of photos to go through. I can’t wait to share them all with you. :)

I did NOT know that Harvey Korman had passed away and I just hate to hear that. I remember crawling into bed with my Mom and Dad and watching the Carol Burnett show religiously. My favorite moments were watching Harvey crack up at Tim Conway’s antics. He made me laugh simply by watching HIM laugh. I leave you with this, one of my favorite skits from the show:

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5 thoughts on “It’s Over :(

  1. Wow I love the new look of this!!! It is fantastic! Sounds like you had a great trip…
    yes that is my all time favorite skit from the CB show!

  2. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful vacation! (and a good time at your mother-daughter tea!) I can’t wait till I get vacation. Oh wait, I don’t get a vacation this year, it’s called –maternity leave– some vacation, eh? labor, delivery, bleeding, trying to master breastfeeding, exhaustion… oh and let’s not forget I’ve already got the 5 year old to keep an eye on while doing all that! Oy! please tell me that I’ll love it. (because there are only 4 weeks left until they induce me – unless the preecclampsia causes me to need to be induced sooner!)

  3. OMG! I loved that episode. Now I’m going to find more videos. Do you remember the one where Tim Conway was looking up someone’s nose after something with a gun and he asked if that thing was loaded? That is all I remember from it, I remember it being one of my favs.
    That cabin looked like heaven on earth. Send me their website.

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