Poor FIL

Brooke and Cain enjoyed one last ride in the pedal boat tonight. I can’t believe the week is over. :(

Early this morning around 2, my poor FIL fell down the steps. No one heard him fall. He told my MIL when he got back into bed, and she got him an ice pack, but he refused to go to the hospital until the morning. We took him to the ER. He has two breaks in his foot and possibly another break above his ankle. We felt JUST AWFUL. :( They put a hard cast on him and he will probably have to have surgery on his foot becase one of the bones isn’t just broken, but splintered.

They gave him a shot of Demerol so he snoozed most of the afternoon and we were glad that he wasn’t in much pain. I hate so much that it happened. We wanted them to rest and relax and have a good time. I can’t believe this happened to him. If you remember, he just had a bad tractor accident and was almost mended from that and now this. He had even bought his fishing license the day before and was looking forward to do some fishing but now that’s out. Poor guy. Remember him in your prayers.

He conked out so my MIL, Brooke, and I went to the outdoor shop because Brooke wanted to get something for her boyfriend that she had seen a couple of days ago. When we got back to the cabin we cooked out on the grill and we just got finished doing a bit of straightening. Brooke and I have to get up super-early in the a.m. to go to a mother-daughter dinner with my mother. I’m not looking forward to leaving here. :(

Here’s video three:

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