Raining Again

You know, of all the places that I say, “I’d move there in a heartbeat,” THIS place is a place I really would move to in a heartbeat.  It’s close to home (in north Georgia) and it wouldn’t feel like we moved a million miles away like it did when we lived in Mississippi.  I love North Carolina.  It’s absolutely stunningly beautiful here.

Today the boys went golfing and Brooke and I drove to Murphy and took in a couple of little shops there. We went to Moose Hollow Trading Company and EVERY single thing they have there is something I would love to have in my house. I hope one day we are blessed enough to have a small cabin somewhere in N.C.  We’ll decorate it with things JUST like they have in this store. :D

We met up with the guys and had lunch at the No Name Deli in Murphy. I had a BLT and it was delicious. :) Afterwards we went to the old-fashioned ice-cream parlor next door and had some yummy ice-cream. We were waiting for Marshall’s parents to come and finally they called so we headed back to the cabin.

We met them and drove around and showed them the best fishing spots and just some of the beautiful area. Then we came back to the cabin and cooked supper.  I’m sleepy tonight and I can’t believe the week is almost over. :(

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