They’re Gonna Be the Death of Me

I got up early and fixed a huge breakfast for everyone and then we headed to the Nantahala River. All four of them decided to funyak down the river against my MANY protests. For one, Brooke, Cain, and Jake have never done anything like that, and two, that river has Class Three rapids.

I was NOT a happy camper at all. Seriously.  Everyone that knows me knows what a huge worrier I am and I was a nervous wreck. I tried to talk them into rafting down it first, and THEN if they thought it was ok then they could funyak down it, but they didn’t go for that. I just prayed hard (seriously) and then thanked God when they all got out alive. ;)

Everyone made it just fine, except for Marshall who had to be pulled out of the river early.  Just about three miles into the eight mile trip, he had a horrible back spasm and fell into the rapids.  He then got stuck under his funyak and Cain had to jump out of his funyak (in the rapids) and struggle to get back to his Daddy to pull him up.  Brooke said Cain’s eyes were as big as saucers. He was scared to death because he thought Marshall was drowning. He (Cain) was a nervous wreck after that, and made his Daddy get out.

Marshall was in quite a bit of pain from his back pain but felt better after a while.  The kids finished their trip and had a blast.  I got some terrific pictures that I will make into a slideshow later on.

When they got out of the river and back to the place we started, they each picked out a t-shirt to commemorate their trip. I bought a disk of 17 photos for $39 (even though I had taken a gazillion pictures) that the rafting company took.  I was afraid mine wouldn’t turn out and besides, they got some really cute pictures of them. :D

We ate at River’s End Restaurant, which is located right on the Nantahala. Brooke and I shared a pizza and it was delicious.  After we ate, we visited the little outdoor shop and then headed back to the cabin. 

Today was terrific.  I hope the time doesn’t fly by.  I have so much I want to do. :)

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One thought on “They’re Gonna Be the Death of Me

  1. Too fun! I wish we could go down the river this summer… but next year I”ll be back!

    I just think of Tammy when we all went down the Hiwassee… hehehehe. What fun!

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