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In yesterday’s post I should have mentioned that Cain’s class lost a classmate in a car accident (another student was also killed) so they had this memorial set up for their classmate. His favorite sport was baseball so all 87 seniors wrote notes on the baseballs and also dropped a yellow rose on his memorial. It was very sad. He and Cain were friends and so yesterday was bittersweet.

There are 350 students total at Trion. That’s from kindergarten to 12th grade. To say that all those kids are close is an understatement. During Brooke and Cain’s time there, they lost six classmates, all to car accidents. Six friends and classmates in six years time. They have seen a lot of loss, heartbreaking loss. Brooke also lost a close friend who should’ve graduated when she did. It’s just such a sad thing. It was on my mind during graduation. I said a prayer for those classmates, and for the parents who never got to see their child walk across that stage.

We were so thankful that so many family members came to see Cain graduate. Marshall’s parents came, as did Marshall’s sister, her hubby and daughter, and Marshall’s brother. From my family was my Daddy, and two of my aunts and an uncle. And of course, Brooke and her boyfriend, Chad, were there, too.

With Cain are: Marshall’s family:

My Daddy:

My aunt Ginger (daddy’s sister):

Aunt Karen (daddy’s sister) and Uncle Eddie, who are both VERY special to Cain:

And Cain with his sister (poor Chad! I didn’t get a shot of him with Cain):

Noticeably absent were my mother and brother. My brother has some issues (or AN issue) that has taken him away from us. It’s all he thinks about and the morning before Cain’s graduation he called Cain and told him that he overslept and would not make it to the graduation. This was after I talked to my brother the night before and he assured me that he would be there.

I had all I could take and I called him (while sobbing), and, of course, he was too chicken to answer the phone. I left him a message full of things that I should’ve said a long time ago. I don’t want to have anything to do with him right now. I’m tired of ALL the drama. I have no idea what all I said to him, but I do know that it wasn’t nice. I will always love him, and this breaks my heart, but he hurt my feelings the first time by not coming to Brooke’s graduation, and now he didn’t come to Cain’s graduation for the same reason. He’s so selfish…

As a result of his stupidity, my mother didn’t get to come. She had been up since 7:30, getting ready and waiting for him to come home and get her. Had he called earlier, or the night before, I could’ve gone to get my mom, or I could’ve found her a ride.

Anyway, enough about that. It makes me SO mad and this is a happy time and I’m HAPPY as can be (really, I am).

After graduation we headed up to Dawnia’s and had an afternoon cookout. We were going to swim, too, but brrr, that water was COLD. Cain and Jake came up and stayed for a few minutes, and Brooke and Chad came up and stayed about an hour with us. Marshall braved the water, but not for long. I put my legs in and let them dangle for a while, but it was just too cold. I can’t wait to go swimming though. :) I have a lot of cute photos of Max. I’ll share them tomorrow. :)

Speaking of tomorrow, we are leaving for our vacation and I can’t wait. We’ll be gone for five days and I think it’ll be the longest vacation we’ve ever had. Woo hoo! We’re all about to burst to leave.

Marshall and I stained the deck today and it looks terrific. We still have to apply another coat and then we’re going to start on the porch. The color is a natural cedar color and it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy about how well things are coming along with the house. :)

Chad left this morning and we were sad to see him go. Brooke just boohooed because they haven’t been apart in over two years. I know it’s going to be rough on them both, living a couple of hours apart. I think they will be just fine though. :) He starts his new job on Tuesday and we are very excited for him.

We’re watching “There Will Be Blood” so I’m outta here. Have a good night.

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3 thoughts on “Stuff & Such

  1. Have fun on your trip. I’ve tried about a thousand different ways in my head to get to come for a night or two but I can’t do it. Whaaa!!!!! But we’ll have our beach trip soon!

    I love you more than chocolate. And perhaps even cheese. Yes… it’s true.

  2. Wow, he’s graduated.
    So much said in this post that I don’t know where to start except to say congrats to Cain.
    And sorry for your frustrations.

    Family, they can be trying.
    I hope you have the most excellent vacation ever!

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