Mmm Mmm Sugar’s!

Here are my babies after a yummy meal at Sugar’s Ribs in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The first time we ate at Sugar’s we ate at the one in St. Elmo. This time we ate at the one on the ridge overlooking Chattanooga.  Our food was delicious.

If you want to eat at Sugar’s, look for this sign, you’ll see it as you come around the ridge:

Brooke’s boyfriend, Chad, is up to go to Cain’s graduation so when he got here we all took off up to Sugar’s to celebrate Cain’s graduation tomorrow. Here are a few shots:

Marshall, Brooke, and Chad:

Me and Cain, and mind you, I can’t wash my hair until tomorrow per my stylists instructions so I looked like dog barf:

And you really can’t tell a thing about my hair cut. I THINK I like it better than I did, but all my length is gone, and it’s browner than I thought.  Next time I go I’m telling her to put the blonde back. I hate looking at photos of myself. :( Fat, fat, fat…

After you eat, you can feed the goats that they keep on the hill to keep the grass “mowed.” Here are a couple of shots of that:

Fun, huh? We thought so. :) Anyway, we had a great supper and then we came home and watched the Braves get their butts handed to them by Arizona, 11-1, I think was the final.   Yuck.

Well, we have an early morning. I think I’m on auto pilot right now. My mind is in shock that my Toukie will be a graduate by noon tomorrow.

:)  I couldn’t be happier.


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3 thoughts on “Mmm Mmm Sugar’s!

  1. Not fat fat fat

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    Funny, I was driving by there yesterday and thinking… I need to eat there.

    Your family is lovely. I can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow. (Minus Cain of course… he’s way too cool).

  2. We can’t wait to hook up with you guys and go eat at Sugar’s! Good luck today, I know that you will need a whole box of kleenex! We are with you in spirit.

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