Hair. All Gone. :(

I took a photo of some random person at my nephew’s graduation the other day because I LOVED her hair. I took it to my new hair stylist and she did a great job with my haircut but it’s MUCH shorter than I expected it to be. My hair was getting so long and I may be freaking out about it.

I was there for 3.5 hours. My old stylist who I adored is no longer with that beauty shop and she did not call to tell me that she was moving, or where she’d be, or anything of that sort.  I can’t afford the gas to drive to where she is now. I will miss her but I’m pleased with how my new stylist colored my hair. :)

Not much else went on today. How’s this for a fun post? :)

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8 thoughts on “Hair. All Gone. :(

  1. I need a pic. I just got mine cut/colored last week. I took a pic of Victoria Beckam and said make me look like her. My stylist just a split a gut laughing? Go figure.

  2. Stylist? You guys are such GIRLS!!!!! You know how much that crap cost?

    Wait, of course you do… you pay for it and have it done…. too weird.

    A 5 dollar haircut at the beauty school is just fine by me.

    That reminds me about a funny story about something the WIL did once…

  3. As a stylist for over twenty years, your post intriqued me to read on. I love the comment about the woman who went with Victoria Beckham and her stylist was laughing. Rest assured she wasn’t laughing at you… What we as stylists find funny is that so many people bring us pictures from celebrities, and while most of them do understand that they will not be that person when they leave… believe me we have had our share who truly believe that they will. That opens up a whole other set of problems when we are through…lol
    3.5 hours at the salon. Well, not to say that I have no clients that take me that long but it usually entails: color, hilite, deep conditioning treatment, haircut, style and waxing. But, I will say in defense of the stylist, if you were a new client to her, she was taking the time to make sure everything was right and for that I commend her.
    5 dollar haircut at the beauty school? Here is the problem that I have with that. In addition to working as a stylist in a salon, I currently am also working to become an educator for a company that has designed the only line that our salon will use, I take 3 to 5 hair classes a month and I also take at least 1 business class a month. So to say that we stylists who have worked our butts off for our clients, and continue to educate ourselves are no more qualified than a girl who has not graduated yet is a slap in the face. I realize that many people don’t think that we need much education for this job but I will tell you the amount of education and continuing education that is needed would probably shock you.
    Stylist moving without notifying clients? Bad business… We have had quite a few girls who have done this and all I can say about that it is a total dis respect for their clientele and the fact that these people have provided the income that they need to pay their bills and put food in their kids mouths.
    I am by no means being confrontational I just wanted to set the record straight a little…

  4. LOL, I assure you that my pal that took Beckham’s pic to the stylist knew she wouldn’t come out looking like her (but wouldn’t it be nice if we all could–only with a little more meat on our bones!)

    I LOVE that stylist that did my hair, and trust me, 3.5 hours at the salon is like a mini-vacation for me. I didn’t have a problem with that at all.

    My other stylist did come back to town and called me when she moved back so I’m seeing her again. :)

    And as for the $5 haircut? We’ll you’d just have to know D. She’s certainly not a girly-girl (self-professed!)

    I didn’t think you were being confrontational at all. Thanks so much for your comments. :)

    Take care!

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