Senior Honors Night

(Note: You might want to scroll down and start with the May 15th post. I had no internet access and caught up with everything. If you start with 5/15/08, everything might make more sense)

Tonight was senior honors night at Cain’s high school. Cain was smiling SO wonderfully right BEFORE I snapped this photo. I thought I got that smile, but as soon as I snapped, he made a face. Then he started laughing and pointing at me since I didn’t get his pretty smile. I got this instead. Brat.

It REALLY hit me tonight that he is graduating this week. I don’t know why it hadn’t really hit me before, but tonight before we left I was in his room talking to him. He told me that he doesn’t have to be at school tomorrow until 9:30 (he was exempt from finals in a few of his classes) and then only has to go Wednesday to practice the graduation ceremony. I got that lump in my throat and that pain in my chest.

God, grant me the strength…

Ashley came and gave me hugs and we talked for a minute. This whole break-up thing is just so sad (see yesterday’s post). Marshall and I (and I’m sure Ash’s parents, too) have told Cain and Ash in the past that we hope they don’t regret ONLY dating each other in high school (and even middle school). That being said, we sure do love her and only hope for the best for her. They still talk, and she even came to supper with us. After supper Marshall and I ran to Wal-Mart to get some dog food and let them stay at the restaurant alone to talk. When we left they both had tears in their eyes and I HATE it for them.

I seriously think watching my kids go through heartbreak (’cause I’ve been here with Brooke, too) is way worse than the heartbreak I went through when Marshall and I broke up one time (in high school). I hate seeing them hurt and remembering how it TRULY hurts and knowing there’s not a thing in the world I can do about it.

Here’s Cain and Ash right after the ceremony:

Who knows, maybe they will find their way back to one another one day. :( WAAAAHHH!

Here’s a pic of me and Cain that Marshall took as we were leaving for the ceremony. When Marshall takes a picture you really never know what you’re going to get. I’m just happy that, even though he focused on the trees and not us, that you can still see us:

You can see that I’m still a fatty, fatty, two-by-four. I’m seriously working on that though. :)

I still have lots that I want to tell you about our trip. Even though we were pretty much stuck indoors for 3 of the 4 days we still laughed and talked and had a grand ol’ time. I really like Kandi’s new assistant Angela. She’s funny. :)

Tomorrow I’m going to my nephew’s kindergarten graduation. I am excited about that. It seems like he should be in the 6th grade by now. LOL I’m not sure WHY, he’s only 6, but I swear it seems like he should be 10.

I would like to ask y’all to please keep my Daddy in your prayers. He had to go to the hospital while I was in Florida (which scared me half to death). He was severely anemic and was losing blood somewhere. They did an endoscope (I think) and get this: they found over FIFTY ulcers! FIFTY! That is not a typo.

He had to get more than one blood transfusion (though I’m not sure how many) and the doctors are now trying to figure out how he has so many ulcers. FIFTY for cryin’ out loud! Anyway, he’s home from the hospital and hopefully on the mend. It scares me absolutely to death to think about him getting older, especially since he keeps having such odd health issues. I sho’ do love my Daddy. Pray, pray, pray. :)

Night. :)

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3 thoughts on “Senior Honors Night

  1. Wow Rachel! So much going on … I am glad that you are back and posting though. I missed you. Thanks for stopping by.
    Kids. My one son married the girl he ‘sought’ in High School. My other has had more breakups than I can count.

    You look beautiful.

    Hugs to your Dad.

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