Would you believe that the sun came out today and stayed out ALL day long? We absolutely could not believe it but were delighted beyond anything you can imagine. We were so worried for our wedding couple, but mostly for our cameras. :D Who wants to have those out in the rain? Not us!

Sun. All day long. It was glorious. I’m figuring a lot of people must’ve asked God for the perfect day and He sure came through on this one! It absolutely could not have been better. AND if the weather wasn’t exciting enough, I got to watch two sting rays, AND those dolphins above playing in the crystal-clear, shimmering water. Here are the rays:

They were all just right off shore. We could’ve walked right up to them if we wanted to, I suppose. I was tickled pink. I know I talked about the Emerald Coast and its water before, but they ain’t playin’ when they say “emerald” because it’s the prettiest water I’ve ever seen.

The wedding was gorgeous. The cake was THE prettiest wedding cake I’ve ever seen. I’ll talk more about that later. I’m tired from the wedding and I’m going to bed. :)

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