Hey! More Rain!

This was yesterday’s ugly, break-in-the-weather ocean. Still beautiful, and I’m still at the beach so that’s better than NOT being at the beach, right?

Today we entertained ourselves at Fresh Market. Yes, seriously. We sampled cake and oohed and aaahed over their fresh produce and meat. That was my first time in ANY Fresh Market and I can’t wait to take Marshall. He’ll be in heaven on earth. :D Here’s Angela showing you the yummy key lime cake, topped with mint chocolate ice-cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. (I bet you thought I was kidding about entertaining ourselves there, huh?)

Tonight we are entertaining ourselves with Scattergories, Catch Phrase, and maybe a margarita or two. We also just got through watching Untraceable which made all three of us so uncomfortable that we actually had to take a break in the middle of it just to get rid of the heebie jeebies. *shivers* Eeew.

So yeah, still raining, and now we’re getting concerned about the wedding tomorrow. Yesterday and today there has only been a FORTY-percent chance of rain and it has poured down pretty much all day on BOTH days. Tomorrow there is a FIFTY-percent chance of rain so who knows what will happen.

I can still see the ocean from the balcony so it’s aaaaallllll good. I’m AT the beach even if I’m not ON the beach. :D

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