Annnnnnnnnny Day Now…

My voice is coming back but it feels like someone ran over my chest with a steamroller. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be much better. I can’t breathe today so it’s like trading one yucky thing for another. :(

I’m leaving for Florida in the morning. Marshall will be coming home from South Carolina in the morning. I won’t see him until Monday. He didn’t think he was going to get to come home for quite a while. I’m so happy he will be here for two huge reasons: Cain has college registration this Saturday, AND he’ll be home for my little Kookie PooPoo. :) I didn’t want to have to leave her at the kennel when I’m gone. She’s SO attached to us, and vice versa.

FINALLY I have a flash! Yay! I haven’t had one since I’ve been using digital cameras. I’m so excited. It came today and I think I tackled the UPS man. I can’t be sure. He was gone when I woke up from fainting and the box was beside me. :D Here it is (it was my Mother’s Day present):

Ain’t it pretty?! Yes, I think so too.

Ok, well I’m going to bed.

Oh, I talked to my Mom for an hour today. One of the best conversations we’ve ever had. Know why? Because I was open and honest and told her how I REALLY felt. I didn’t hold back and we TALKED and she said, “Rachel, I’m an alcoholic and I’m a drug addict and I don’t know how to get well.” I couldn’t believe she said that. She’s never said that before. She’s never openly admitted those things.

Who knows…I want to talk more on this later but I’m under the influence myself: TheraFlu and that Vicks VapoRub Sinus thingie that you shove up your nose and breathe in. ;)


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2 thoughts on “Annnnnnnnnny Day Now…

  1. You crack me up. I just love you to pieces.

    And whatever that little wooden dude is in the picture… that is so me. What is it doing living in your house when it should live in mine? What is it? I love it!

    As for your mom… saying it outloud is a good step but proceed with caution… I’m tired of seeing you get your hopes up and having her dash them. You deserve better.

    And you turd… you are about to see the ocean.

    Oh! That reminds me… dates… tell me what dates so I can book us a house.

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