Gun Jumper (Second Sat. Post)

Ok, ok, I jumped the gun.  Premature posting is a problem for me.

The color isn’t THAT bad.  I still wish I’d have gone with the green I had my eye on to begin with.  I just thought the yellow would go better with the floor tile. And when I say it’s yellow, I DO mean it’s yellow with a capital Y. Actually with a capital ELLOW, too.  It’s yellow and it’s bright. Bright colors are in, right?

We had fun with my in-laws last night. They came to see us today to show us their brand new car.  They bought a Ford Fusion and it’s SO pretty.  It came with Sirius radio and I’m quite envious.  The color is moss green, a very light green (which is what I should’ve chosen for my kitchen!). I love the car. I’m so happy for them. :)

I’m not feeling well. I think I’m getting a cold. I sure get a lot of colds nowadays and I’m not really sure why. I NEVER used to get sick and now it seems like every 4-5 months I get a cold that kicks my tail. I hope that this is not the beginning of one of those colds.

We were going to stain our deck today but didn’t because it was supposed to storm. We haven’t had a single drop of rain all day. If it doesn’t rain tonight I’m going to be really mad. ;) I was actually looking forward to getting the deck finished because then we can put the screen up for the porch.

Marshall worked his tail off today. He worked on the roof for a while and then came in and shooed me outside to mow and he took over painting. I’m glad he did, too. I hate painting. I thought I would enjoy it, but I didn’t. He also told me that I was pulling the paint back off the wall because of the way I was using the roller. I didn’t know that was possible but apparently it is. ;)

Well, let’s go watch the Braves. :) Have a good night.

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