I’ve been painting my kitchen for the past hour and a half. I HATE it. I absolutely HATE the color. I’m so aggravated.  WHY is it so hard for me to pick out a color that a) isn’t so bright it could out shine the sun, and b) looks at least halfway decent? It looks like a lemon exploded in my dining room.  I’m so frustrated that I could just SCREAM.

I have no taste, no decorating sense. I hate it.

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3 thoughts on “Figures…

  1. I am sure it is lovely. Once you get it painted, then perhaps you and I can go shopping (but not THAT kind) and we’ll get some cool bright stuff for your walls. Some funky photo frames to put up some of your gorgeous pictures. Since the room is so bright, you’ll need to blow up some of you spring flower pics to at least 5×7 and we’ll shower the room with them.

    It will look good when you are done…. I always have color anxiety when I paint to and think shit! What have I done! And almost always, I love it in the end. Except my bedroom… I still have to change it. It was NOT the color on the sample. It was posed to be sage green but came out baby poop green but it was better than those horrible green blocks.

  2. Ummm. Show us a picture and let us take a look and decide for ourselves!

    I’m sure it isn’t that bad. When and if I EVER get to redecorate, my DIL is coming to help.

  3. Dawnia~That would be GREAT. I love your sense of style. I need all the help I can get.

    Val~There’s one on my flickr. Trust me, it iS that bad.

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