It’s Poison Oak

This is Cain rock climbing (or bouldering, or whatever the soup they call it) at the place next door to Kandi’s studio. Cain is quite muscular and has lots of strength and whatnot, but he had a hard time maneuvering on this wall. I don’t see how anyone could enjoy rock climbing. I’d be scared to death.

I went to the doctor this afternoon because you can almost see new spots of this rash breaking out on me as they happen. It’s just on my arms right now with two spots (dots?) on my legs, and one on my ear of all places. It’s spreading like wildfire though. :(

The doctor gave me a cortisone shot which set me on fire, but that’s ok as long as it works. :) It’s poison oak. Plain ol’ irritating poison oak. I’ve never, ever, EVER had poison oak. I can see why people aren’t particularly fond of it.

You know what’s driving me crazy lately? When people call me and leave me a voicemail but don’t tell me what they’re calling for. Like when they just say, “Hey Rachel, it’s John Doe, call me.” TELL me what you’re calling for! OR when people call me and DON’T leave a voicemail at all. Please, if I don’t answer (which I rarely do, but not because I’m ignoring you but because I either don’t hear my phone ring or I’m right in the middle of something) leave me a voicemail telling me WHY you are calling! Thank you. :)

Today we went to Lowes and got some stain for the back porch. We also got some paint for the dining room. It’s yellow. I didn’t really want a yellow dining room, but I fell in love with the color. It’s BRIGHT. It’s called “Beach Ball.” I hope I like it when it’s on the walls. I guess it won’t matter if I don’t like it, because in a year or two we’re ripping the walls out and putting up sheet rock. Yay!

After we left Lowes we went over to Kandi’s studio and Honey helped her hang her new tv, which was a big ol’ honkin’ 50-inch plasma tv. We joked about it, but even the “static” looked good. LOL I’m envious. I want one! Of course that would go against my “watch less tv” plan that I want to go with….

If I dont’ stop itching soon I’m going to cry. :(

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3 thoughts on “It’s Poison Oak

  1. OUCH!!!!! I’m sorry, but at least it isn’t a reaction to something else, at least you pin pointed it. And it could be worse… Marshall could be under the cover with a flashlight checking out bumps in southern places… trust me, it could be worse. Remember?

    Yellow is a wonderful color! Remember the doubts over the yellow kitchen? And it turned out lovely as will your dining room.

    I MISS YOU. What’s it been, 8 months? Or just a couple of weeks… feels like forever.

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