Third Post for Friday

This photo makes me LMAO. We always let Lucy walk outside at the hotel and then bring her in so she can run freely without us holding on to her leash. Lucy was running towards me full-speed ahead. She was running from one end of the hotel hallway to me, and then back to my hubby way back at the other end. She got almost to me in this shot and SLID almost right into me before she hopped up and headed the other way. I lost my breath and almost peed my pants laughing. I wish I had been recording instead of taking pics. :)

I just had to share this.  Now I’m off to watch my favorite man on tv, Bear Grylls, on a new episode of Man vs. Wild. Poor Bear, look what happened to him when he tried to get honey in Mexico by Clicking Here.

Marshall and I both like watching his show, but maybe for opposite reasons. ;)  I’m teasing (sort of).  I hope I never have to put any of the good information he gives to use.

Good night!

Cain: I love and miss you!

Brooke: I love and miss you, too, and tell Chad I love him and that again, I’m sorry we can’t be there for his big day. :(…..

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5 thoughts on “Third Post for Friday

  1. I came out and said I think it is a boy in my blog a few days ago, I went on record. I do think it is a boy. I’d rather have a girl but oh… I’ll just go blog about it.

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