Happy May Day!

(Once again, I “saved” instead of published.)

I’m washing clothes and getting things ready to leave for Va. Marshall should be home around 1 and we are heading out to do a couple of additional things that need to be done on the boiler up there.

The weather is PERFECT. I’m so loving the sunshine and the warm air. It really motivates me even more to get my fat butt in shape. I wish I were already in shape so I could wear cute clothes and feel comfortable about showing more skin.  This time next year I WILL be there.

Well, I’ve got a lot to do before we leave so I hope your evening is a beautiful one. :)

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One thought on “Happy May Day!

  1. I finally loose weight and I’m gonna gain it back… but I’ve made a vow to myself… once this critter slithers out and I’m healed (remind me to tell you about the conversation I had last night about my expanding um…. remind me to tell you) I intend to get serious about getting slim. Not just losing weight, but slim. I’ll be 51 when the coconut graduates and I want to be the best looking old mom there.

    And I hate to ask this but…. when you get home, will you go shopping with me. I HATE to shop but I HAVE to go buy some clothes. I need moral support….

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